electroplating equipment

(1) Secondary maintenance work of electroplating equipment.

① Overhaul the lining of the plating tank and the tank body; remove the corrosion marks on the busbar, replace the insulation pad and individual busbar segments.

② Clean cooling water pipes, steam lines, drainage, and overflow pipes, and repair or replace pipes and accessories.

③ Measure current leakage and contact resistance.

(2) Plating equipment overhaul work content (in addition to carrying out secondary maintenance content).

① Decompose all plating equipment for overhaul if necessary, replace various parts; repair or replace plating tank body; replace insulation layer and protection plate.

②Replace damaged pipes and accessories.

③ disassemble the regulator for overhaul; check the worm gear transmission; check the ammeter (DC) shunt device and the use of AC and DC meters, and replace them if necessary; check the control circuit, and re-route the wires if necessary.

④Check the voltage resistance of silicon controlled rectifier or silicon rectifier equipment components and replace unqualified components; check the integrity of the cooling device; overhaul the positive and negative pole switching switch or device, check whether the switch cutter has burnt hair and eliminate it.

⑤ Replace the damaged steam heating pipe in the tank and repair the suction outlet; carry out hydraulic test on all pipes, etc.

⑥Paint all of them.