Automatic electroplating production line



Automatic electroplating production line

Automatic electroplating production line is designed and manufactured to meet the large-volume and high-demand electroplating components. According to the production demand, it is divided into rack plating automatic production line, barrel plating automatic production line, and automatic electroplating spoke production line. The fully automatic operating system controlled by the program has a reasonable appearance design, simple and beautiful appearance, convenient operation, cost saving, and high production efficiency. It can obtain satisfactory results in the production processes of electro-galvanizing, copper, nickel, decorative chrome, and alloys.


1. The automatic rack plating production line is designed and manufactured for electroplating various large parts, and is widely used in aluminum oxidation, copper sleeve nickel for mechanical parts, hard chrome plating for shock absorbers, multi-layer nickel plating for motorcycle parts, Decorative chrome plating for aluminum fittings.

2. The barrel plating automatic production line is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of electroplating production for large quantities of small parts in various electroplating enterprises. It can be more matched in the occasions that require electroplating in the production of hardware and electrical appliances. Barrel plating has a high-cost advantage. and efficiency advantages.

3. Automatic spoke electroplating production line is special equipment designed and produced for vehicle spokes, long crate nails, umbrella metal skeletons, electric power, or decorative metal strips that need barrel plating. This type of barrel plating equipment is easy to load and unload. , uniform coating without defective products, never disordered barrel plating parts, large product shipments, etc., can greatly reduce labor costs, water, and electricity costs, and basic material costs.