Dacromet equipment



Dacromet equipment

acromet Equipment / Dacromet Coating Equipment / DIP Spin Coating Machine Zta System / Fastener Coating Machine Line / Centrifugal Coating Machine /DIP SPIN COATING MACHINE/MESH BELT CONVEYOR OVEN

Dacromet equipment is a metal surface treatment technology, the name is Dacromet, also known as Dickron, Zinc Membrane, Dakman, Dacromet Rust, etc., that is, flaky zinc-based chromium salt protective coating. Domestically named zinc-chromium coating, it is a coating with zinc powder, aluminum powder, chromic acid, and deionized water as the main components. Based on the introduction of Japanese dacromet coating technology and equipment, the company develops and manufactures new dacromet coating technology and new technology. Dacromet is a green revolution and the need of the times.

Advantages of Dacromet equipment production line: Dacromet is a surface treatment technology. Compared with the traditional electroplating process, Dacromet is a “green electroplating”.

Scope of application of Dacromet coating production line: Dacromet technology has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, basic parts, painting, construction, tunnels, electric power, chemicals, oceans, home appliances, railways, and shipbuilding in industrially developed countries, all walks of life in the military industry so that the product parts can eliminate internal stress and improve the strength, and enhance the reliability and beauty of the product.

Non-standard dacromet equipment can be customized according to the special needs of customers.