Hot dip galvanizing for steel roll



Features of the unit:

1、Features of the unit:This line is an automatic hot-dip aluminum zinc plating line for cold-rolled strip, which has the functions of degreasing cleaning, annealing reduction, hot galvanizing, finishing, tension leveling, passivation, fingerprint resistant coating machine, oil coating, etc. the designed production capacity is 200000 tons / year, and the raw materials are cold-rolled hard steel coils SPCC and SPCD (in line with the corresponding Baosteel standards and market requirements). The specifications are 800-1300mm wide and 0.2-2.0mm thick, The design process speed of the unit is max. 180m / min (the design basis of process speed is 120m / min, and the corresponding steel plate specification is (0.8x1000mm). In the process section of the unit, the main tasks are surface cleaning, annealing reduction, hot plating, finishing, tension straightening, passivation, fingerprint resistant coating machine and electrostatic oiling. The product quality meets GB / t2518-2004 standard. The annealing furnace is horizontal continuous annealing furnace. The total length of the unit is about 220m.

2、Product specifications

Hot dip (aluminum) zinc coil:thickness 0.20~2.0mm

width 800~1300mm

3、Product performanceThe product grade of hot-dip (aluminum) zinc plating is CQ and DQ, and the quality standard is in accordance with GB2518-2004

4、Coating weightHot dip (aluminum) zinc double-sided coating: 40~150g / m2 (double-sided).

5、Coating statusCommon zinc flower and smooth zinc flower.

Weight of zinc layer: 40-150g / m2 (both sides)

Implementation of quality standard: GB / T2518-2004

Post treatment: finishing, passivation, de-oiling, fingerprint resistant board.

6、Post plating treatmentPassivation, oil coating, fingerprint resistant

7、Raw materialsRaw material status: Cold rolled hard coil or cold rolled coil after bright annealing

Steel grade: Q195、SPCC、SPCD

Roll thickness: 0.2~2.0mm

Roll width: 800~1300mm

Coil inner diameter:Φ508mm、Φ610mm Coil outer diameter:Φ800mm~Φ2100mm Coil weight: Maximum 25 tons

Mechanical properties: tensile strength: Max 850N/mm2

Annual capacity: 200000ton

8、Finished productthickness: 0.2-2.0mm

width: 800~1300mm

Inner diameter: Φ508mm

external diameter: Φ800mm~Φ1800mm weight: Max. 15tAnnual

output: 200000t

9、Unit speed

Entrance section: 25~300m/min

Process section: 25~150m/min

Exit section(Coiling section):


10、Process flow of the galvanizing unit:Coiling → decoiling → shearing → welding → chemical degreasing → electrolytic degreasing