Hot dip galvanizing for wire



Hot dip galvanizing for wire Scope of application: high and low carbon steel wire, α-plating, hot-dip galvanizing production line;
Product introduction: Specification 2.5-7.8m*1.2-1.87m*0.75-0.85m
Plating wire specification: 1.5—6.2 mm
Zinc capacity: 18-60 tons

Non-standard equipment can be customized according to the special needs of customers

The Hot dip galvanizing for wire zinc liner adopts Al2O3/SiO2 one-time processing and molding to ensure the integrity of the liner. Because the liner processing material is made of high-grade refractory material and there is no chemical reaction with the zinc liquid, the service life is 440°-680° for more than ten years of continuous use. The main steel structure of the zinc pot is designed according to the total weight after zinc storage and the corresponding temperature changes to ensure that it will not deform during use. Hot dip galvanizing for wire the thermal insulation performance of the equipment is a key part of energy saving. The use of high thermal insulation materials with a thermal conductivity of γ≤0.56w/m.k reflects the energy-saving performance. The heating sheath used in the equipment is a product developed and designed by our factory with independent intellectual property rights. The synthetic sheath is also processed with high-grade refractory materials. It has no chemical reaction with zinc liquid at high temperatures, and its thermal conductivity is second only to metal. , The service life is more than three years. At the same time, the heating element is also designed and processed by our factory. The coating on the surface of the heating wire is a new high-temperature resistant insulating material jointly developed by the doctoral supervisor of the Dalian University of Technology and our factory to ensure that the resistance wire does not have inter-turn short circuits under high-temperature conditions. The service life is 12 months.