hot dip galvanizing line



hot dip galvanizing line

hot dip galvanizing line, As an effective metal anti-corrosion method, it has been widely used in metal structure facilities in various industries. Hot dip galvanizing is to immerse the derusted steel components in a molten zinc solution at a high temperature of about 600°C to attach a zinc layer to the surface of the steel components. The thickness of the zinc layer shall not be less than 65μm for thin plates under 5mm and no less than 86μm for thick plates. So as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Hot dip galvanizing process
Hot-dip galvanizing process: finished product pickling-washing-adding auxiliary plating solution-drying-rack plating-cooling-medication-cleaning-polishing-hot-dip galvanizing completion; the production process of hot-dip galvanizing mainly includes: original board preparation→ Pre-plating treatment → hot dip plating → post-plating treatment → finished product inspection.


Advantages of hot dip galvanizing:

A. Low processing cost

B, durable

C, good reliability

D, strong toughness of the coating

E, comprehensive protection

F, time-saving and labor-saving, long anti-corrosion years, and a wide range of environments

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