Rn vertical pit gas nitride furnace



Using: applicable for nitride treatment of carbon steel, alloy steel, and powder metallurgy material.

Rn vertical pit gas nitride furnace low-vacuum variable pressure nitriding furnace is a standard energy-saving and environment-friendly periodic nitriding electric furnace. It is mainly used for gas nitriding heat treatment of various steel mechanical parts, automobile curved glaze, motorcycle brake pads, piston rings, and molds.

Pit Annealing Furnace

Non-standard equipment can be customized according to the special needs of customers


Fast penetration

The nitriding process is to carry out periodic changes in the furnace pressure in a low vacuum state, the atmosphere remains fresh and active, and the nitrogen potential also changes periodically, so that the first-stage chlorination has the advantages of the second-and third-stage nitriding, and there is no need to use two or three-stage nitriding. Sectional chlorination speeds up the nitriding speed

Wide adaptability, uniform penetration layer

The workpiece has a self-empty, T-shaped surface or the working surface of the workpiece is in an extremely narrow slit. For the traditional positive pressure nitriding furnace, this is not conducive to the replacement and diffusion of fresh atmosphere, and the nitriding effect of these parts is not ideal. The low-vacuum variable-pressure technology enables the furnace gas to diffuse to all parts of the tank automatically without dead ends. The required infiltration layer can also be obtained on the working surface of the holes, pores, and mold slits.

A large amount of furnace, low processing cost

Using low vacuum variable pressure technology, the nitriding (chlorination) process is completed in a low vacuum and variable pressure environment. The fresh atmosphere can penetrate into any corner of the furnace tank, so the workpiece can be packed tightly, which greatly increases the furnace’s loading capacity. At the same time, the furnace has good airtightness and good thermal insulation performance, thus significantly reducing the processing cost.

Small surface friction coefficient

Due to the low vacuum variable pressure technology, the nitrided layer on the working surface is extremely dense, so the surface friction coefficient is small.

low brittleness

The periodic change of the furnace pressure makes the ammonia potential of the atmosphere in the furnace change periodically, which can inhibit the appearance of brittle phase (Fe2N) while accelerating the permeation rate, and help reduce brittleness, effectively avoiding the process of working. Peeling (peeling) occurs.

Process stability

The atmosphere in the furnace is uniform and controllable, and the furnace temperature is uniform, so as to ensure the stability of the process, improve and ensure the nitriding quality of the work

Environmental friendly

The furnace is well sealed, and the exhaust gas is pumped to the sealed water tank by the vacuum pump for treatment and then discharged, which is an environmentally friendly product.