RT2 non-standard tilting trolley furnace



Using:applicable for heat treatment,such as casting,forging,annealing,etc.

Scope: Tilting trolley furnace is a standard energy-saving periodic operation furnace, mainly suitable for steel mills, special steel, machining, chemical machinery, heavy industry, metallurgy, casting, forging, flange rings, steel components, wire drawing, Environmental protection equipment, machinery supporting enterprises, loaders, diesel engines, military and other industries for heat treatment workshop heating.
Temperature requirements: Tilting trolley furnaces are divided into high-temperature furnaces, medium temperature furnaces, and low-temperature tempering furnaces. The operating temperature of high-temperature furnaces is within 1200°C, the medium-temperature furnaces are within 950°C, and the low-temperature tempering furnaces are within 650°C. Product features are selected, and furnace size and load are ordered according to customer requirements.
Control: Control adopts contactor, thyristor, solid-state, module, electronic digital display, intelligent digital display, computer, PID, PLC, remote control, centralized control, and programming control. The recorder can also use a liquid crystal paperless recorder to record.
Structure: The structure is made of full-fiber aluminum silicate spun silk blanket to make modules into the furnace body, the bottom of the furnace is made of light insulation bricks and heavy refractory bricks, the heating elements are heated by resistance wires and resistance belts, and the outer shell of the furnace body is made of steel plates The furnace door and trolley are mechanically driven; the specific configuration is designed and equipped according to customer and furnace temperature requirements.
Heat treatment products: suitable for heat treatment of various processed products, such as stainless steel solid melting, high manganese steel quenching, valves, flange rings, pressure vessels, rolling rods, steel pipes, steel wires, steel balls, castings, forgings, cast iron, Rolls, blades, high-speed steel, tool steel, automobile axles, diesel engine gearboxes, mining machinery, loader bridge arms and other products for quenching and tempering, annealing, tempering, and normalizing heat treatment.
Main Specifications:
RT full fabric trolley resistance furnace

Non-standard equipment can be customized according to the special needs of customers