1) Dark Nickel.

In addition to individual use as a functional coating, mainly used as a protective decorative coating primer to replace the copper plating process to increase the bonding force of the coating.

2) Semi-bright nickel.

In the dark nickel plating solution, add a small amount of sulfur-free additives with good leveling ability, you can get a semi-bright leveling ability of nickel plating layer. It is often used as an intermediate layer in the three-layer nickel process. Since the coating does not contain sulfur, there is a potential difference of more than l20mv between its electrode, potential and bright nickel coating (containing sulfur). Thus improving the corrosion resistance.

3) Bright nickel.

In the dark nickel plating solution to add some bright agent can obtain a full bright similar to the mirror bright nickel layer. It is often used on top of the semi-bright nickel plating layer to increase its decorative properties and corrosion resistance. The brightening agent contains organic matter of sulfur, so there are sulfur atoms interspersed in the plating layer, so that it has a certain potential difference with the underlying semi-bright nickel layer.

4) High sulfur nickel.

In the semi-bright nickel and bright nickel, plated with a layer of sulfur content of 0.12%. 0.25% of the nickel layer, known as high sulfur nickel. The chemical activity of this coating is very high, mainly used in steel, zinc alloy substrate protection decorative coating of the intermediate layer, due to the half bright nickel, high sulfur nickel and bright nickel between the three layers of nickel because of the different sulfur content and the potential difference between the two layers to 100.140mY, so that the longitudinal corrosion into transverse corrosion, to. To retard the purpose of corrosion of the base metal.

From the above four nickel plating process can be composed of two-layer nickel process or three-layer nickel process, this multi-layer nickel process, the protection performance is better than the combination of copper-nickel-chromium plating process, more popular in recent years.

5) Pearl nickel (also known as satin nickel).

It is a satin-like appearance of nickel plating, in the sun will not produce dazzling reflection, the human eye will not feel, fatigue. This type of plating is widely used in automobile manufacturing, surgical instruments, machine tools, instruments and other industries.