Wire electroplating line



Main technical data of galvanized steel wire
1.Raw materials:low carbon steel, grade:Q195~Q215;
2.The finished galvanized steel wire shall meet the following indexes:
a.specification:0.3~0.8mm, b.tensile strength:350~500 MPa;c. Elongation: ≥10%;

2.galvanizing coating layer:
a.thickness:2-5um;(adjustable) b. The surface is brigh;c. Good binding force;
4.Zinc sulfate is the main solution of electroplating solution + brightener.
5. production capacity:
φ 0.3mm galvanized wire 1500 kg per day (24 hours)

6.Total line size: 70m*1.5m*1.5m


Process flow:
I-tray (hard wire)pay off(0.3~0.8mm)→Online continuous annealing→Environmentally friendly water curtain type fully enclosed pickling machine→air knife→2-stage reverse flow rinsing→air knife→Bright galvanizing(3tanks)→air knife→2-stage reverse flow rinsing→passivation→air knife→rinse→hot water water→air knife→dry→400#I-tray take up→packing