Zinc Furnace with heating



The crucible melting resistance furnace is mainly used for the melting of aluminum alloy, zinc, lead and other materials.
1 . The crucible is made of special steel and coated with a long service life;
2 . The composite furnace lining heats up quickly;

Brief introduction: the latest technology energy-saving and environment-friendly hot dip galvanizing furnace developed by our company uses microcomputer program to control the temperature automatically with high precision, high degree of automation, no need of manual management, which improves the production efficiency of hot dip galvanizing furnace, improves the adhesion of zinc, reduces the amount of zinc used in the layer, and makes the zinc more firm.

model:                    GR

power:        xx KW(0-??kw microcomputer output can be set arbitrarily,depends on zinc pots size)

Internal dimension of crucible:          L600×W600×H600mm

Rated voltage:           3phase 380V 50HZ  (can customized according to your side)

maximum temperature:                650℃

working temperature:              500-650℃